James Hinnant

Embedded firmware development


Over 25 years experience in embedded firmware and software
Several years in highly reliable satellite flight software
Firmware running on over 60 satellites on-orbit
Code development and unit / integration testing
C, C++, Ada, 8051, 1750A, ARM, 1553B, RS-232C, RS-485, Unix tools, Linux installs, Java, Python, ActiveMQ, Redmine
M.S., B.S in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science minor
Silicon Valley / Bay Area

Satellite List
Résumé, in html format
Résumé, in PDF format


SSL (née Space Systems/Loral, now SSL, a Maxar subsidiary):     sslmda.com   •  How Satellites Are Used (SSL)
SSL's FS-1300 satellite series:     at sslmda.com   •   at astronautix.com   •   at Gunter's Space Page   •   at wikipedia
Onboard Computer Systems (OBCS) , Int'l Space Station Training Simulator, in NASA Tech Briefs
International Space Station assembly sequence photos   •  Reference Guide (PDF)  •  Evolution Data Book, Volume 1: Baseline Design (PDF)
MTSAT (description from Australia Bureau of Meteorology)
NASA-JSC's mission simulators
Shuttle Mission Simulator  (SMS)
Space Station Mockup and Training Facility  (SSMTF, née SSVTF), in the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility
SSMTF at Google Images
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